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How to set the numbering of documents in Hotelinco?

In case you wish to set new starting values for the Hotelinco documents numbering, for example with every new year, you can simply change the numbering of Hotelinco documents (bills, invoices, advance payments, invoices, payments, ...) under the Setup. Step 1. Go to Documents under Setup.

You can customize the numbering of the folio, the deposit and the pro forma invoice. The screen mask displays the values of the counters of the last issued documents.

Step 2: Simply insert the new starting document number into the input field. Then click Set.

In case of multiproperty installation, where numbering of Hotelinco documents is done separately for each hotel, the same procedure applies. To display the counters in the multihotel installation, you simply select " Each Hotel Uses its Own Numbering" (as shown in the picture below).

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